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Psychotherapy Fees
I offer individual, couples, and family therapy. Due to practice regulations, I can only provide teletherapy for those who live within the state of California. The cost of one psychotherapy session (45 minutes) is $400. After each session, I spend some time writing notes and thinking about your case so that I can provide you better care. Clients are responsible for paying the full fee at the time services are rendered. Dr. Hwang does not accept credit cards.

What if you have insurance?
If you have a PPO insurance plan, Dr. Hwang can give you what’s called a “super bill” to submit to your insurance company. Depending on your insurance, they may reimburse part of the fee. It will be your responsibility to understand your insurance rules (e.g., what portion they will reimburse you and what your
maximum is) and to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. It is also cost-saving to contribute to a flexible spending account so that part of your medical fees may be tax deductible. 

Other Consultation
Dr. Hwang is an engaging speaker and provides talks and trainings on clinical and diversity issues. He also provides medical-legal consultations and is available for expert testimony. If you need consultation services, please contact him to discuss topics and fees.

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